Ich möchte dein Glück sein. 

I want happiness 

I seek happiness 

to cause your happiness 

to be your happiness 

so take me 

someplace far away 

to a true elsewhere 

please take me there 

magic that lasts 
never-ending kiss 

revery without break 

unperishable bliss 

take me 
I want happiness ….

birds sing 

song of unknown tongue 

though winged, they 

still fail to reach the sky 

a place not to be treaded alone 

so take me to a true Elsewhere 
wet feathers 

locked fingers 

melting flesh, 

fusing minds 
take me 

I want happiness 

Not your past, 
but your present is what I seek, 
carefully winding back its fragile thread 

please take me there 
I want happiness….


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